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New season hunts page 2 - latest finds 12th Oct 2003

The dates are derived from reference books and best guesses.

Corrected dates will be entered when they come back with further ID from Colchester museum.

Galo Belgic Clacton type 70BC and it is actually in the coin book for once !!
1856 Young bust Victorian gold half sovereign
1845 Victorian silver shilling
William IV silver sixpence
William III 1696 silver shilling
Medieval clothes fastener
More finds on their way
150BC Roman Republic denarius, what a fantastic find
From a duckling to a swan ! Crusty Roman coin, pick it and heh presto ! a 150BC Roman Imperial silver coin !!!
What a beautiful artefact, a 15th C ornate dagger handle, traces of silver inlay remain

What can you say about a find like this, just beautifully tooled solid gold and probably owned by a very important Saxon.

Saxon (c.550-650AD) dagger cheaf end piece

Really nice 18thC silver decorated clog fastener
Early decorated silver thimble with lions head design
19thC monogrammed livery button
17thC shoe buckle
18thC Shoe buckle
Monogrammed button
Enamelled badge probably 20thC
Heavily gilded button
King and Empire, Services rendered metal. What a neat find
Bronze signet ring with shield design
Medieval turret ring with Avai Maria inscribed on it
16thC Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
Another 17thC snake buckle
Decorated silver thimble
1/2 oz trade weight probably Victorian
Beautiful 1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny
1600's Charles 1st hammered silver penny
Silva siliqua of Constantine III 5thC
2nd Regiment of foot button
Great local find, Colchester volunteers button
Great find, powder flask no idea of date yet
Silver top
44th Regiment of foot button
13th Regiment of foot button
Early decorated piece
Very unusual Spur, not in the books
Early hammered token
Huge early fishscale decorated cow bell
14thC Edward hammered silver penny
Liverpool 15thC hammered token
Cunobelin Gold full stater 10 to 40 AD
Richard II 1377 hammered silver half groat Cunobelin silver quarter stater, this could be very rare as it is not in the coin books again !!
1559 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver shilling
Rare plume above shield Charles 1st 1625 hammered silver shilling (12 pence)
Bell clapper
Some nice early buckles
15thC hammered token
1758 George II silver one pence
Heraldic shield 'Chedder' horse decoration
Henry 12thC short cross hammered silver cut half penny
3/4thC Roman bronze
1649 Commonweath silver half groat
Decorated silver thimble 16thC
Unusual 15thC Jetton
North Western comapny button
1820 George III 'bullhead' silver milled silver shilling
Large 19thC heavy horse decoration
Very early looking key
Early Tudor button
Roman steelyard weight
Ornate snake head
Small brooch probably 19thC
1846 Victorian milled silver sixpence
Early design Charles 1st silvered cufflink ?
1797 George III cartwheel penny ( Texas Dave got two off the same field)
Rare find 1697 William and Mary copper penny
Henry II 1180 AD hammered silver penny
Medieval Dress fastener
Nice early decorated piece
16thC snake belt
Early belt decoration
18thC exploded toy cannon
Victoria 50th jubelie medal 1887
17thC cloak hook
Very early Heraldic lead seal probably 14thC
Solid silver butterfly
One once trade weigh
1772 Foreign silver coin , Dutch ?
Superb find, Medieval decorated hawking bell and it still rings !
Another nice bell type trade weight
Fantastic artefact, engraved solid silver miniture mug, writng looks German 16thC
Miltary button
1696 William III silver love token
Goergian trade weight
Chatham Railway rally button
Early lead gaming counter
Georgian coin weight
19thC livery button
1723 London Mint Georgian Irish penny
Interesting peice
Elizabeth 1st hammered silver 1/2 groat
Early hammered token
18thC token
1696 William III silver loved token
15thC lead token
Pot leg, probably Medieval
Early lead gaming counter
Early peice
17thC dress hook
Tudor button
Bronze acorn
4thC Roman bronze used by an 8thC Saxon as a pendant
15thC buckle
19thC 12 shilling Belvadere token
Edward 1300's hammered silver longcross penny
Late milled silver, halfcrown, shilling and sixpences
Edward 1300's hammered silver groat


Huge 18thC silver thimble
Roman looking charm
Another Georgian trade weight
Solid silver ring, looks fairly modern
1943 George VI Silver sixpence
Bust of Lenin ? Real nice artefact
Too large for a watch winder and has serpents heads on it's rim
Small bell, no idea of date or use yet
1900's general service button
18thC ornate watch winder
19thC flower button
Solid silver band ?
Dino the dinosaur !!
Solid silver clasp, looks Scottish 1700's
1564 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat
1327 Edward hammerd silver half penny
9th Saxon pin
Nice deorated piece
Tudor button




































































































Roman denarius from the Roman Republic that was struck by M.Fourius L. f. Philus between 110-108 BC

17/18th C Gold Angel

Minted as a medallion to wear around the neck for healing purposes

CARMD.G.M.ER EF.HI.REX on the ship side


Winged angel with a spear on one side.

Unkown Celtic 1/4 stater - waiting report from the British museum found by Alaskan George
1891 Victorian sovereign found by NY Jim