Metal detecting holidays in England

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New season hunts page 3- latest finds 25th Oct 2003

Beautiful ornate, silver inlay metal pot pieces - Middle Eastern
1500's Elizabeth 1st silver hammered shilling
Medieval beehive thimble 1350AD
1stC AD Roman fibula brooch
Not yet ID 'd hammered silver coin
1813 George III bull head silver sixpence
Early 14thC lead token
19thC Flint musket striker plate ? Huge lead medallion with Roman head on it
Albert, Queen Victoria's husband, looks late 1800's
Great eyeball find early glass marbles
Lead lion face
16thC button
Another great eyeball find, stone bead, this could be very old
Decorated ink well cover ?
George V silver hallmarked commemerative medal 1911
Huge lead sack seal with star decoration
1696 William III silver sixpence
London hallmarked trade weight
17thC lead sack seal
19thC Bayonet frog
Late 18thC 52nd Regiment of Foot button
18thC pewter button
Large flower horse harness decoration 19thC
Folded hair slide with all the stones missing, no idea of date
Leaf design mount, no idea of date
Shield shaped mount
Really nice etched Pewter button with a fox design probably 18thC
Silver toggle button 17thC
19thC cast flower button
Lead token or 3 hole button ?
15thC belt clasp
17thC Portuguese coin weight
16thC belt decoration
1st to 4thC Roman twisted brooch
1st to 4th C Roman disc brooch
Pewter Tudor rose & crown button 18thC
Lead with Fleur de leis pattern on it ?
15thC lead long cross tokens
Large 19thC horse harness decoration
Medieval Fluer de Lys
Small shell design belt decoration
Heest Cottage engraved book clasp looks 17thC
Small toy anchor
18thC Clog fastener
15thC cross hatched lead token
1327 Edward 1st hammered silver penny
Early looking 'long cross' belt decoration
Another early looking flower design belt decoration
18thC Liverpool penny -Shield and sailing ship design copper token
1836 William IV silver shilling
Amazing lead token with really early looking design
1692 William & Mary III silver milled shilling. In good condition this would have been worth up to nearly £1000, amazing find
1723 George milled silver shilling
Huge Roman bronze 1st to 4thC
Roman bronze 1st to 4thC
1883 Victorian milled silver halfcrown ( 30 pence)
An earlier find now ID'd by museum as a Medieval brooch with Fluer de lise pattern
19thC livery button