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Hammered gold coins 600 - 1640 AD

Fourth coinage 1356-61 Edward III hammered gold 1/4 Noble Type C Annulet stops 1.96g, 20.36mm

Obv shield quartered with the arms of England and France within a treassure of eight arches - EDWARD GRA REX :ANG. . HY Cross 3(4 )


Annulet stops

English Saxon Thrysmas gold coin - 'Witmen type' c620 -650 AD - Recorded on Fitzwilliam museum Corpus database as EMC 2007.0302. 1.26g, 11.46mm

1344 Edward III gold qtr noble - 3.89g

1605 James 1st hammered gold Thistle- Crown (4 shillings) found by Texas Dave

Edward III 1361 third issue hammered gold 1/2 Noble ( picture on right are gold straightened) found by Boston Beau- 3.78g 26mm

'Your coin of Edward III is a half noble of the Pre-Treaty coinage, with a Series C obverse and a Series A reverse. There are many 'mules' of this kind in the Pre-Treaty coinage, and this one can probably be dated to 1351. I can see why you thought that this might be a coin of the third period, which has lettering that is fairly similar to Series A lettering.'

Louis Xi

Louis X1 (1461-83) found by Texas Dave

Ecu d'or, 28mm, 1re emission 31/12/1461. Obv: LVDOVICVS:DEI:GRA:FRANCOR:REX, ecu de France crowned, bounded by deux lis crowned. Rev: XPS:VINCIT:XPS:REGNAT:XPS:IMPGRAT, "croix feuillue avec quadrilobes en coeur, accoste de quarte cournelles, dans un quadrilobe." Mint is Paris - pt 18 on the obv. Dup 539v (with XPC); C 741v which has the reverse ending "XPS IMPERT."

Louis X1 (1461-83) found by UK David

'This is Edward IV type XIV (1472-1473), with the distinctive annulet initial mark at the start of the obverse legend. An interesting find' ID and info supplied by Mark at the Fitzmuseum -recorded and found 10 miles SE of Swindon by Laura UK

5.07g, 28.52mm


Edward III hammered gold 1/4 Noble
Louis X1 (1461-83) Ecu d'or 2.85g -25.11mm

1561-1582 2nd Issue, long cross mint mark - Elizabeth 1st hammered gold 1/4 Angel 1.16g,15.81mm North 1993



Possible 1471- 83 Edward VI gold angel - sent for straightening 5.13g, 26.34mm