Metal detecting holidays in England

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Twinned with Midwest Historical Research Society USA

Hunt Page 5 December 2003

13th/14thC seal matrix - impression looks like a frog or toad with old script writing (c)
17th/18thC seal matrix with lion and crown (r)
56th Regiment of foot button(r)
23rd Regiment of foot plate(r)
15thC knife/ dagger pommel(r)
1696 William III silver love token(b)
Elizabeth 1st 1573 hammered silver three half pence (b)
1816 George III milled silver sixpence(b)
Small silver plate(r)
Small Medieval long cross looking lead seal(c)
Fascinating coin, George II 1753 silver one pence. (b)
Book clasp, not sure of date(c)
Crown with one below, 1st Regiment of foot one piece ?(c)
Lion with shield 18thC token(r)
1380 AD French Jetton(b)
Neat find a German 1736 hammered/milled ? silver coin (b)
19thC London trade weight(r)
George II half pence(r)
2 - George III silver shillings 1816, 1817 and a 1816 sixpence(c)
Huge 1806 George III penny (r)
23rd Regiment of foot button (c)
17thC crotal bell(c)
1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver shilling and a 13thC long cross hammered silver penny (not cleaned yet) (b)
Sack seal (r)
Medieval metal pot fragment(r)
1775 Sack seal(r)
Tiny Roman 'minim' coin
Early Medieval looking hammered pendant(c)

Monogrammed seal

'AM '

North Eastern Railway button
Georgian flower decorated watch key
Leicester Regiment lapel insignia - probably 1940's
Medieval casket key
Leg ?
1461 Edward IV hammered silver penny
1422 Henry VI hammered silver penny
15thC shoe buckle
Silvered button
Danish 1773 - Milled silver 8 Skilling
Interesting widget - no idea of use
1849 Victorian silver shilling
1711 French copper
17thC button
Coin weight ?
Unusual 4thC Roman thin bronze coin
Royal Victorian Yacht club button
19thC Navy button
Napolean III coin
Unusual small bell
Unusual decorated spur
1882 Napolean III copper