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11th April Guys finds ID'ed and back from experts posted at bottom of page

16th March 2003 Guys go back to the sunny USA

Overall a very interesting hunt with 5 pieces of Celtic turning up including that magnificent statue. It will be interesting to see what they are dated at after the report returns from the experts. I will update this page and post the report as soon as I get a copy.

18thC Scabbard hook/frog
16/17th C lead token chequer design
Lead leather decoration
Possible 16th C cast c/a sword pommel top
15th C c/a belt decoration diamond shaped centre square punched
15thC Acorn belt decoration
Strap end, no idea of date yet
1940's Army badge
Roman bronze
Georgian ornate hook
15thC lead token

Very interesting dark stone (amber) set in a bronze mount

15th C lead token
1800's Victorian silver half crown
1690 William III silver shilling
William and Mary trade weight
13thC quarter hammered silver penny
18thC Bell clapper
17thC token
13thC longcross penny
Sword hanger
1690's Willam III silver sixpence

13thMarch 2003

Vancouver Dave, Mac and Brent head back to sunny Canada & Detroit Darrel joins the hunt

The hunt is going well with a varied bunch of finds, usual Roman bronzes, early coppers but again unusually high numbers of early milled silver coins are turning up. Some of the new land is fairly quiet but we are only spending a half day here and there. One field however is noisy in patches and has produce 4 Roman coins (grots) and two milled silver so far, it is really huge and will require a lot more work to find the hotspots. One of the old productive fields produced another 9 bits of silver yesterday which I will post later when I have snapped them.

Huge 1600's Charles 1st milled Halfcrown, really great find as this is the cross over period from hammered to milled silver. The inside is perfect and will be sent to be professionally straightened as this is a rare find by Calfornian Rob
George III 1796 Guinea forgery
18thC Barrel tap
Clog fastener
Lead rabbit 19thC
Naval button
17thC button
Two early 1800's sixpences
1745 George II shilling
17th shoe buckle
18thC Key
17thC ornate belt buckle
Clothes fastner no idea of date
Interesting carving
1900's Military badge
Clipped 13thC longcross silver penny
Probably modern jewellery with stone remaining
18thC trade token
Great eyeball find, early bone dice
Ipswich trade token 17thC
Medieval button
3 worn 1690's silver coins, possibly love tokens
1850 French Napoleon copper
Possible Roman comb
17thC decorated silver thimble
Early lead token
17thC button
Clothe fitting no idea of date yet
19thC butterfly brooch with pin intact
18thC Flower button
19thC monogrammed button

13th March 2003

This weeks finds page has been completely altered to speed up load times so check it out and bookmark it as this is where you will get the latest news. Each hunt now has an individual page with the ID form for each group attached (those finds sent for ID to the experts and returned with the information) I will post more finds tonight and redo the 'previous finds' into the same per hunt format.


8th March Vancouver Brent takes the coin count crown

The current hunt is going really well, unusual amounts of early and late milled silver are turning up. Two of the best copper coins I have ever seen came out of the ground yesterday, a 1803 George III penny by Californian Rob, huge coin that I have never seen before in absolutely mint condition (apart form a few bits of green grunge) and a George 1st 1705 penny. Both must have been uncirculated when they were dropped (not cleaned yet). We tried one of the new fields yesterday morning on the recently acquired 800 acre patch and we all ended up with 10 pound boots as the land is clay based and it rained hard during the night. However even with those conditions three large Roman coins were found in a couple of hours and we all agreed that this could be a 'very' good field once it has dried out a bit. The farmer came out for a chat and told us of 'bits' he had unearthed by the plough to wet our appetite but we had to move onto some drier ground. Milwaukee Mike also made a discovery amongst his finds a single 60BC to 40 AD Celtic ring money coin (deleted the photo by mistake on my camera so I cannot show it) , it has been sent to David Barwell for verification as this could be a brilliant find. Canadian Brent has taken the weekly coin count crown with 63 and also his silver tally to 9 with a beautiful early milled silver shilling. I will post more finds later when I get the time.

George 1st 1705 Penny
Interesting disc
Early encrusted broach
Huge amazingly detailed 1806 George III penny
Belt decoration, no idea of date yet
Medallion probably late 1800's
Georgian pewter 'wheatsheaf' button
George 1771 farthing

Early clothes fastener

Fragment 15th C Pilgrims ampulla - shell design
1500's Elizabeth 1st Groat
1880'sLate bust Victorian shilling
1731 George 1st silver shilling
1931 2 shilling silver (rare find !!!)
Mint condition 17thC decorated crotal bell
Very interesting Richard token ??
Back of a gold locket, looks modern Looks Roman but does not feel like one !!
13thC Silver halfgroat (2 pence)
1849 Victorian Hanover coin
Silver thimble, not sure of date
William IV 1834 silver sixpence
William IV 1830 silver sixpence
Another William III 1696 silver shilling

5th March 2003 Celtic day

Look at the find of the day, Canadian Dave's possible Celtic bronze statue, what a find. Too many finds to upload in one go, more to follow shortly.

Canadian Brent is well in front of Rod's 57 coin record with 2 days to go.

17thC middle eastern
Happy Yank & Canadian treasure hunters on a Celtic holiday
Celtic bronze 65BC to 40AD
Celtic decoration
Celtic AE probably Kentish - boar right, pellet in ring below - ? Horse galloping right
Charles 1st 1620AD
Small early jewellery item with gem stones
William III silver shilling 1696
1st C AD Roman brooch
17thC spur & 16thC knee buckles
Roman silver coin
Don't know date yet
Silver hammered foreign coin

Decorated thimble very unusual

Victorian silver shilling
19thC Covent garden 6 pence token
Flower decorated cylinder
1679 Lead sack seal
17th C cast copper alloy dagger belt fitment or sword fitting suspended from a baldric
James 1st 1603
18thC working toy cannon
Edward 1st hammered penny 1272 AD
13/14th C Religious lead/pewter mix document seal
U decoration
Roman silver coin
1747 School Button
17thC Crotal bell
17th lead token
1st to 4thC Roman bronze
17thC spur mount
1875 Victorian 3 pence
18thC sheep bell
Early clothes fastener
17thC decorated silver thimble
Roman knee brooch (stem part)
Pre 1820 3rd East Kent regiment button
Early military badge ?
16th C Cast c/a key
Foreign hammered silver
Henry II cut short-cross penny 1216-47 Canterbury mint
Edward III Florin penny 1344-51 Canterbury mint
Sundays new hunt started off really well with Vancouver Mac (82 years old) giving all us 'young' guys a good lesson in dectecting by bagging a 13th C Longcross hammered silver penny and a beautiful 1690's James 1st milled shilling. Lot's of great artefacts and early coppers have turned up ready for photographing but the waether is so nice that I have been out detecting all day and not had time to upload. Today has been exceptional on previous proven fields and have produced so far another 8 silver coins, 2 Romans, 13thC longcross, Charles 1st penny, early foreign hammered like a Spanish reale and a nice Commonweath 16thC hammered that could be rare. A fantasic day, great finds, flat fields and warm sunny weather. I will upload later if I get the time.

Guys ID's back from the experts

Edward 1st hammered penny 1272-1307 AD London mint
James 1st penny 1603-25 (Spink 2650)
William III shilling Exeter mint 1696-7
William III shilling 1695-1701
17th C cast copper alloy dagger belt fitment or sword fitting suspended from a baldric - variant of Read 263 Art of Antiquities (Photo - disk 1 - 458)
13/14th C Religious lead/pewter mix document seal
17th C c/a book (bible) clasp Peardrop & ring design 2 rivet fixing L55mm x 30mm bottom 25mm top
17th C c/a annular ring dia 30mm os/ 24mm inside dia.
Fragment c/a 17th C clothing tag - Detector Finds 1 (34)
2 - 17th C c/a spectacle buckles 20mm x 15mm (Whitehead 305)
16th C cast c/a fragment spectacle buckle (as Whitehead 410)
17th C cast barrel tap key 70mm sq end 20mm x 15mm
17th C cast crotal bell 'Sunburst'
Roman bronze coin Barbarous copy of Constantius Gallus 351-354 AD ? Fol temp Repartio fallen horseman type circa 360 ad
Roman bronze coin - Barbarous Radiate circa 273 ad
Roman bronze coin Barbarous Radiate of Tetricus I circa 273 ad
Roman bronze coin Constantine I Ae3 ? Securitas Repub. Mint of Rome 337 ad
Roman bronze coin Constans 337 - 36 ad AE3 Px Two Victories
Roman bronze coin Constantine II 317 - 337 Ad ? Gloria Exercitus (Glory of the Army)
Roman bronze coin Constantine I AE3 303 -337 ad ? Gloria Exercitus (Two Soldiers)
2 - Roman bronze coins 4th Century - illegible
King John short cross penny 1199-1216 London mint
Edward 1st penny 1272-1307 Canterbury mint
Cut short cross penny 1189- 1247
Cut quarter penny short cross to be used as farthing 1189-1247
Edward III Half-penny 1327-77 London mint
Edward III Half-penny 1327-77 London mint
Edward III farthing London mint 1327-77
Edward IV half-penny York mint 1461-70
Fragment Illegible hammered
Illegible Medieval hammered copper coin EuropeanWilliam III shilling 1697
Illegible Medieval hammerd East European?
Illegible Medieval copper European
17th C silver love token - illegible
2 - Charles Ist copper Rose farthing 1625-49
17th C copper farthing token - illegible
16/17th C lead token chequer design 5 grms
17th C cast c/a broken buckle (Whitehead 512)
16th C c/a Tudor openwork design button
Possible 16th C cast c/a sword pommel top (Photos 507 & 508)
15th C c/a belt decoration diamond shaped centre square punched 25mm x 20mm (Photo No. 509)

Roman bronze coin AE3 of Constantius 336-361 AD ? Fallen horseman type
Roman Denarius of Severus Alexander 222-235 ad ? Emperor holding spear & shield
Roman bronze coin AE3 of Constantine I 307-337 ad ? Gloria Exercitus - Two soldiers
Roman bronze coin AE4 illegible obverse - ? Victory walking left circa 370-395 AD
Roman bronze coin Antoninianus of Gallienus 253-268ad - ? illegible
2 - Roman bronze coin illegible 2nd Century
Roman bronze coin Illegible 4th C AE
Fragment of short cross penny 1189-1247
Edward 1st penny 1272-1307 London mint
Clipped 13th C silver penny - illegible
Medieval 14/15th C lead token
Late 17th C copper farthing token - a local traders token
Possible - Celtic bronze figurine - to be researched further (Photo - disk 1 - 456)
Probable Iron Age bead 1BC - 1AD - 4 grms - depth 6mm - dia 12mm - centre hole 7mm (Photo - disk 1 - 457)
14th C cast copper alloy part of strap distributor (HBF Read 582) (481 - Read - Art of Antiquity)
14th C cast c/a strap distributor (472 Read - 'Art of Antiquity')
16th C Cast c/a clothing tag (Bailey's Detector Finds 1 design 52)
16th C broken clothing tag (HBF Read 771)
16th C Cast c/a key (565 Read Vol I Art of Antiquity)
17th C cast c/a Horse harness plain mount decorated top
17th C Lead cloth seal 'Portcullis'
17th C c/a leather decoration (belt) - (Ref 278 Read - Art of Antiquity)
17th C cast c/a spectacle buckle (As Whitehead 306)
17th C cast c/a leather mount (Ref Read 308 varient)
17th C cast c/a trapezoidal buckle (Ref Whitehead 507)
Roman bronze coin Antoninianus of Valerian II 253-255 AD - ? illegible
Celtic AE probably Kentish - boar right, pellet in ring below - ? Horse galloping right
Roman bronze coin AE 3 Constantius II 337-361 AD - ? Fallen horseman type
" " " Marc Anthony contemporary copper forgery of silver Denarius circa 30 BC
" " " 4th C AE illegible
" " " 3rd C illegible
Edward 1st penny 1272-1307 London mint
Small Venetian coin 14th / 15th Century - circulated in England as a farthing
William III shilling 1696
Fragment of silver coin circa 1700
Fragment 15th C Pilgrims ampulla - shell design
17th C leather decoration cast copper alloy - Scallop design
Roman bronze coin Barbarous Radiate circa 273 ad
" " " 2nd C AD illegible
Charles 1st shilling 1625-49 Oval shield tower mint
Charles 1st copper Rose farthing 1625-49
Small 17th C copper coin - Continental - possible Belgium
Illegible coin - probably continental
Late 17th C copper farthing token
William III shilling 1696
Fragment 16th C lead token cross within cross type
17th C copper alloy dagger pommel - spherical - badly damaged
15th C lead token line edge to centre design 7 lines 5 grms
16th C cast c/a decorated purse bar (one side) cross hatched with turned knop
Lead weight - low slope conical - not finished 54 grms
14/15th C conical lead weight large centre hole 29 grms
17th C fragment spectacle buckle escallop moulding (Whitehead 430)

Roman bronze coin 3rd century Illegible
" " " Constantine II 337-340 ad AE3
" " " Helena - Mother of Constantine 330 ad Px Pax Puplica
" " " AE3 House of Constantine Circa 330 ad Px 2 soldiers Gloria Exercitus
" " " Constantius II 341 - 356 AD AE3 'Smal' Alexandria Mint - Egypt
" " " Gallienus Ant. 253-268 Ad
" " " AE3 House of Constantine circa 330 ad
" " " AE3 House of Constantine 337-346 ad Px Two Victories Facing Thessalonica (Greece) Mint
" " " AE3 Illegible circa 330 ad
" " " AE3 Constantinopolis head left. Commemorative of Constantine 1st 330-346
Edward III Florin penny 1344-51 Canterbury mint
Henry II cut short-cross penny 1216-47 Canterbury mint
14th C jeton copied from Irish penny of Edward 1st circa 1290
1st C AD Roman Dolphin brooch 'variant' similar Hattatt Visual 359 with foot & top loop
15th C copper alloy leather mount belt decoration broken
17th C copper alloy fragment (off hook tag) (Dress Accessories)
17th C Cast copper alloy trapezoidal decorated buckle
17th C Lead cloth seal - no markings
Pewter bell cast/machined - late 17th C or early 18th C.