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    Anglo-Saxon Kings
    924-939 Athelstan; (15yrs, 102 days)
    939-946 Edmund; (6yrs, 210 days)
    946-955 Edred; (9yrs, 181 days)
    955-959 Edwy; (3yrs, 313 days)
    959-975 Edgar; (15yrs, 280 days)
    975-978 Edward the Martyr; (2yrs, 253 days)
    978-1016 Ethelred the Unready; (38yrs, 36 days)
    1016 Edmund Ironside; (222 days)

    Danish Kings
    1013 Sweyn Forkbeard; (a few weeks)
    1016-1035 Canute; (18yrs, 347 days)
    1035-1040 Harold I; (4 yrs, 125 days)
    1040-1042 Hardecanute; (2yrs, 83 days)
    Anglo-Saxon Kings (cont.)
    1042-1066 St Edward the Confessor; (23yrs, 294 days)
    1066 Harold II; (283 days)
    Norman and Plantagenet Kings, 1066-1377
    William the Conqueror 1066-1377
    William Rufus 1087-1100 (son of William)
    Henry I 1100-1135 (William Rufus' brother)
    Stephen 1135-1154 (nephew of Henry I)
    Henry II 1154-1189 (grandson of Henry I)
    Richard I 1189-1199 (third son of Henry II)
    John 1199-1216 (fifth son of Henry II)
    Henry III 1216-1272 (son of John)
    Edward I 1272-1307 (son of Henry III)
    Edward II 1307-1327 (son of Edward I)
    Edward III 1327-1377 (son of Edward II)
    Houses of Lancaster and York, 1377-1485
    Richard II 1377-1399 (grandson of Edward III, son of the Black Prince)
    Henry IV 1399-1413 (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt)
    Henry V 1413-1422 (son of Henry IV)
    Henry VI 1422-1461 (son of Henry V)
    Edward IV 1461-1483 (great grandson of Edmund of York, Edward III's youngest son)
    Richard III 1483-1485 (uncle of Edward V)
    House of Tudor, 1485-1603
    Henry VII 1485-1509 (grandson of Henry V, wife's second husband)
    Henry VIII 1509-1547 (Henry VII's second son)
    Edward V 1547-1553 (Henry's son by Jane Seymour)
    Mary 1553-1558 (Henry's daughter by Queen Catherine)
    Elizabeth I 1558-1603 (Henry's daughter by Anne Boleyn)
    House of Stuart, 1603-1714
    James I 1603-1625 (great-great-grandson of Henry VII)
    Charles I 1625-1649 (second son of James)
    [Commonwealth 1649-1660]
    Charles II 1660-1685 (oldest son of Charles)
    James II 1685-1688 (brother of Charles II)
    [Glorious Revolution 1689]
    William of Orange (grandson of Charles I) and Mary (daughter of James II)
    [William and Mary 1689-1694; William as William III to 1702]
    Anne 1702-1714 (sister of Mary)
    House of Hanover, 1714-1834
    George I 1714-1727 (great-grandson of James I)
    George II 1727-1760 (son of George I)
    George III 1760-1820 (grandson of George II)
    George IV 1820-1830 (son of George III)
    William IV 1830-1837 (brother of George IV)

    House of Saxe-Coburg and Windsor
    Victoria 1837-1901 (niece of William IV)
    Edward VII 1901-1910 (son of Victoria and Albert)
    George V 1910-1936 (second son of Edward VII)
    Edward VIII 1936 (son of George V) George VI 1936-1952 (second son of George V)
    Elizabeth II 1952 - 2022 (daughter of George VI)

    Charles III 2022 -