• Metal detecting holidays in England with the World's most successful metal detecting club.20 years plus.

    Twinned with Midwest Historical Research Society USA.


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    Axe hoard report
    Axe heads
    Bale seals
    Barrel spigot & spouts
    Base metal milled English coins
    Beaker People
    Bells & Whistles
    Book clasps
    Brooches and pendants
    Bronze Age Axes
    Bronze Age Axe hoard report
    Bronze & Iron Age gold artefact finds
    Buckles Early
    Buckles Page 1
    Buckles Page 2
    Button Corporation
    Buttons Livery
    Buttons Navy
    Buttons Dress
    Buttons Military Index
    Buttons silver
    Cannon balls
    Cannons Toy
    Celtic Artefacts
    Celtic fasteners
    Celtic gold coins
    Celtic silver and bronze coins
    Charles 1st
    Charles II
    Chess, dice and gaming pieces
    Civil War 17thC
    Cleaning finds and coins
    Clog and shoe fasteners
    Clothing fasteners
    Cloth seals
    Club Records
    Coin identifying
    Coin straightening
    Coin weights
    Colchester history
    Continental crockard and pollards
    Cufflinks silver
    Dress buttons
    Edward 1st to 2nd
    Edward III - Gold and large silver
    Edward III - Small silver London mint only
    Edward III - Small silver Non London mints only
    Edward IV
    Edward VII
    Elizabeth 1st - small coinage, 1. 2, 3 pences
    Elizabeth 1st - groats (4 pences) only
    Elizabeth 1st - sixpences only
    Elizabeth 1st - gold and shillings only
    Farthings 17thC
    Figurines and heads
    Finds storage/display cases
    Foreign Coppers & milled silver
    Foreign Hammered coins
    Find of the year
    Georgian Period artefacts
    George 1st to II Period coins
    George III coins
    George IV coins
    George VI coins
    Global News Page
    Gold finds all
    Gold ingots
    Gold Jewelry
    Gold Hammered coins
    Groats - 4 pences
    Half Groats - 2 pences
    Hammered copper coins
    Hammered silver coins index
    Harness mounts
    Henry I
    Henry II
    Henry III
    Henry IV
    Henry V
    Henry VI
    Henry VII
    Henry VIII
    Irish Coins
    James 1st
    James II
    Jewelry base metal only
    Jewelry gold only
    Jewelry silver only

    Kings and Queens
    Lead finds
    Lead tokens

    Keys and locks
    Livery buttons
    Military Index
    Military badges
    Military buttons foreign
    Military buttons numbered regs
    Military buttons named regs

    Medieval artifacts
    Medieval groats
    Members Pictures
    Modern coins Post 1901
    Mounts acorn
    Mounts index
    Mounts floral
    Mounts fretwork
    Mounts heart shaped
    Mounts hooked
    Mounts multi sided
    Mounts oval
    Mounts triangular
    Musket parts
    Navy buttons
    Palm guards
    Pipe tampers and smoking
    Pilgrims items
    Pot legs and parts
    Purse bars
    Royal Air Force buttons
    Royal Artillery page
    Religious and Pilgrims items
    John to Richard II coins
    Richard I
    Richard II
    Richard III
    Royal Artillery buttons
    Roman coins bronze
    Roman 1st to 2ndC coins bronze
    Roman 3rd to 4thC coins bronze
    Romano British
    Romano British jewelry
    Roman Keys
    Roman Finds Index NEW
    Roman gold coins
    Romano British AD dated silver coins
    Roman silver hoard page 2018
    Roman silver coins BC only
    Roman jewelry
    Roman Military finds
    Roman mounts
    Roman terret
    Rose and Royal farthings
    Saxon coins
    Saxon silver sceat hoard coins
    Saxon artifacts
    Saxon harness fittings
    Saxon treasure report
    Seal Matrix -Medieval
    Seal Matrix - Post Medieval
    Sewing Bodkin
    Shield pendants
    Scottish Coins
    Silver Coins milled early
    Silver Coins post Victorian
    Silver jewelry only
    Snake buckles
    Soldino silver coins
    Souvenir Page
    Spindle Whorls
    Spurs and rowels
    Stuart era
    Stone Age
    Sutton Hoo
    Sword, dagger
    Tokens Lead all periods
    Tokens copper 17thC
    Tokens 18th/19thC
    Toy cannons
    Toys general
    Transport buttons
    Tudor timeline
    Tudor silver
    Treasure and hoard

    Villa Dig - course
    Watch Winders
    Weights trade
    Weights coin
    Weights apothecary
    Terret rings
    William III
    USA finds
    Venetian silver coins
    Victorian artefacts
    Victorian coins small denominations
    Victorian coins gold and larger denominations
    Video's from the field
    1631-1714 Milled Coins
    15thC lead tokens
    4 Pence coin examples
    2 Pence coin examples