Metal detecting holidays in England with the World's most successful metal detecting club.

Twinned with Midwest Historical Research Society USA

  • ColchesterTreasure hunting Club

    Aim of the club

    To metal detect responsibly on private lands using the 'best practice' possible. To ensure that the hunts are run with 'fair play' for both landowner, museum and finder.

    Our Codes of conduct

    1. Fill in all holes and remove the trash off the fields

    2. Report all finds classified under the Treasure Act to a museum or Coroner the day they are made

    3. Report all items covered by the agreement with the landowner the day they are made

    4. Record all important items with grid references

    5. Register important finds with the National PAS databases such as the Celtic Coin Register and Fitzmuseum

    6. Publish via the web site all finds made with full visibility to museums and landowners

    7. Opening share find information with other club members

    8. No digging allowed below the plough line unless under the supervision of a qualified Archeologist

    9. No items over 50 years old are allowed to be removed from the tours without an approved export license



    These hunts are geared up with the view to every metal find being left behind after the end of the tour to be looked at again individually, recorded with photos and enable the preparation of export applications.

    Only those members that come from countries without their own Roman/Medieval period lands are eligible to keep the numbers manageable.

    i.e. NA America. Australia, New Zealand etc


    Current long term membership is around 120 guys who have access to the private members forum. This is a very friendly, open and honest club with all information being shared between members. Senior members are on hand to help and advise.

    Banning and smuggling

    Continued membership is only offered to those that stick to the code of practice and who are ambassadors of the hobby. i.e. if you do not fill in your holes during the tour then you will not be allowed to return. If you attempt to remove and smuggle any finds then you will be reported.

    Long term aim of the club

    To continue to build up a historical picture of this area by recording all the finds made with view to publishing the findings.