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Lots of guys coming and going during this hunt. March 2003

Arkanasas Gary, Alaskan Todd, Boston Tom, NJ Ed, Kentucky Carroll & South Carolina Hal.

More of Arkansas Gary & NJ Ed's finds on the new hunt page

NJ Ed, Alaskan 'gold finger'Todd & Boston Tom joining the hunt
Arkansas '18inches' Gary, Kentucky Hal and Carroll's hunt

31st March 2003

A new hunt page is now set up and has the latest finds from Boston Budd, NJ Ed and Arkansas Gary, click here to view


29th March The boys do it yet again, 7 gold coins in a week !!

All I keep saying at the moment is what an unbelievable day and keep hoping for a quiet one, a few coppers the odd crotal bell or buckle. Then I take lunch out to the guys and South Carolina Hal, who is on his last half day by the way, sticks this into my hand. What a find, a Celtic full stater forgery, from the Celtic period. Never seen one before and it must be one of the most interesting finds to be made on my land. Then Alaskan Todd does it again, yep gold. An Australian Victorian Sovereign within the last few hours of going home. I have posted a few bits with lots more to follow.

Hard to imagine the skill required in those days to to put two thin gold sheets over a bronze inner. Contemporary forgery of 'Clacton' type gold stater circa 70 BC
Australian Victorian full sovereign gold coin 1870
1805 Token
Edward VI 1550 AD hammered silver penny
Richard II 1377 AD Longcross silver penny
Henry III cut short cross penny 1216-47 London mint
1690's William III love token
Charles 1st sixpence 1635-6 Tower mint - mm. Crown
19thC button with heart pattern
14thC token
19thC lead lion face harness decoration

28th March 2003 Arkansas Gary goes and does the double gold !!

What an unbelievable hunt, ringpulls are rarer than gold this week !!! That's 5 gold coins in a week and Arkansas Gary, NJ Ed are here for another couple of weeks yet !! Todd, who is a good friend of Gary must have rubbed his luck onto him. Sunday also sees the return of the' human dynamo' Boston Budd. Ed has unfortunately been here to witness all the Celtic gold finds but has yet to bag one himself, hopefully his time will come.There have also been some other great finds including a huge Elizabeth 1st silver shilling. I will post a few of the choice bits now. Boston Tom heads back to the good old USA having found the best silver Roman to be found on my land. Once it is ID'd by the experts, I will confirm that is the first pre-invasion coin and could be even BC, what a find.

Celtic stater of Addedomaros 37 - 33 BC
1899 Victorian half sovereign
Edward I penny 1272-1307 Canterbury mint
Huge silver Elizabeth 1st shilling Elizabeth I shilling 1602 AD
Very nice relic, looks like a mug handle. We all have our theories on it's date !!
Bronze Sestertius Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD

25th March Alaskan Todd does the double gold !!

Alaskan Todd is now be given the name by the guys as 'gold finger Todd' as he bags a mint condition Victorian gold coin, his second gold on the trip!! He is also going 'hell for leather' to take Canadians Brent's weekly coin record if he maintains his average.

Todd's Victorian gold half sovereign 1841
19thC harness decoration
Interesting, enamelling still remaining
19thC livery button
Swastica ?
Early brooch with blue stones, no idea of date
18thC button
Georgian buckle
Advertising watch winder
Cut stone button
18thC button
Medieval harness pendant hanger
19thC flower button
Early 86th regiment Military button
1 shilling token 19thC (South London)
Not sure what this is either yet
17th Spur buckle
Another cut stone button
AD1350 Medieval Beehive thimble
16th Century German jeton Orb & Sceptre type
Small jewellry item
Not sure what this is but I have one too !
Lucky clover leaf badge
6th Regiment of foot
Richard 1st silver penny
George II 1723 sixpence - issued by South Sea Company
Trade weight with halmarks not in the book
Military badge
16th Century German jeton Orb & Sceptre type

25th March 2003 Yet another Celtic gold find !!!

The day before we all got totally skunked on new land and then this pops up. Unbelievable, this is like the Californian gold rush !! Alaskan Todds second day produced another full Celtic gold stater, this one is in the book as a Norfolk wolf type I think BC in date. I have sent a picture off to the experts to confirm it. Kentucky Carroll and Hal continued hunting the area where the Stephen came up and again Carroll pulled up an early Richard the 1st (Richard the Lionheart) hammered silver penny in real nice condition, slightly bent but easily straightened. Load more great finds to post later.


Norfolk wolf type 65-45 BC

23rd March 2003 Celtic gold identified

Addedomaros Floral Trinovantes tribe, c.45-20 BC, what a find !!

22nd March 2003 Fantastic day of rare finds

What a day, Boston Tom and Alaskan Todd joined the hunt lunchtime and we hit the fields. Gary managed to turn up another couple of early 17thC hammered tokens and then Tom found the most beautiful early Roman silver I have seen. He followed it up with a rare Scottish hammered 14thC Robert the Bruce 1/4 silver. Mark found his first ever Celtic gold a 1/4 stater. Meanwhile Hal & Carroll were trying out another field and found a very rare Stephen 1135 AD silver penny in exceptional condition. Amazing set of rare finds.

Celtic gold 1/4 stater Addedomaros Floral Trinovantes tribe, 30 BC
Scotland Alexander III fragment of penny 1280 AD
King John short cross penny 1199-1216 ad Stivene on Lund
Roman Denarius Augustus 27 BC - 14 AD ? Caius & Lucius Caesars

21st March 2003 Great hammered finds

Arkansas Gary is whipping the guys with his big coil. He picked up that beautiful tiny hammered James 1st half penny and the Royal farthing, it appears size does matter especially when it is 18inches!!!


Victorian 1856 silver three pence
George V silver sixpence
Georgian harness buckle
Medieval spur
Post medieval sack seal
1603 James 1st hammered silver halfpenny
Uninscribed lead weights - Roman design
Monogrammed 19thC harness decoration
Lots of thimbles
13thC Dagger guard
19thC pot foot
WWII Army badge
17thC Clothes fastner
Early bronze ring
Not sure what this was for
13thC casket key
Georgian trade weight
WWII Military button
Early lead spindle worts
Post medival buckles
1558 Charles 1st Royal farthing
Complete 18thC watch winder
1815 George III silver sixpence
1696 William III silver sixpence
14thC clothes fastner

20th March 2003 Extra post, Great find !!

Just been out to deliver the guys lunch and this little beauty was found. What a great find, a full Philip and Mary Groat, a very rare hammered indeed, just had to post it.

1554-58 Philip & Mary

20th March 2003

Slow start to the new hunt with hammered silver in short supply. Myself and Gary managed to get well skunked hunting for Celtic gold the other morning!! Still some really interesting bit and pieces showing up. Gary's new monster 18inch coil is pulling up lots of early coppers, including that huge County Token.

Huge 'County' 1811 Cartwheel penny size token
15thC clothes fastner
Charles 1st Two-pence 1639-40 mint mark - triangle
Bayonet scabbard end
19thC token
WWII Royal artillery shoulder badge
Roman bronze
WWII Regiment badge
4thC Roman bronze
Harness fitting
1868 Gurnsey 8 Doubles coin
Early decorated bit
Possible Saxon gilded piece
Military button
17thC button
Fox livery button 19thC
1940's 2 Shilling piece
19thC railway button
19thC Button with crest
17th C coin weight 'Antwerp' hand type - ? standing figure
1856 Napoleon coin
Greyhound livery button 19thC
19thC token
Edward III 1327 AD hammered silver half groat
1855 Victorian silver shilling
George III 1820 silver shilling
Roman 1st C Dolphin brooch - variant Hattatt

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