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  • 2003 Finds Pages

    Georgian cufflink
    2- trade weights with a hallmark that is not in the reference book
    17thC Sword hanger
    19thC lead Indian figure
    1792 Copper penny
    19thC livery button
    17th Jetton
    Charles 1st 1625 hammered silver half groat
    Medieval Jetton
    14thC Hammered silver groat halved, not in the book !!
    Edward 1st 1272 hammered silver half groat
    Edward 1st 1272 hammered silver penny
    William and Adelaide Medal 1831
    George III 'bull head' silver shilling
    Elizabethan purse bar swivel
    Nice decorated watch winder
    20thC thimble
    1649 Commonwealth hammered silver half groat
    1455 Hans Scultz Nuremberg jetton
    Wiiliam III silver shilling 1696
    1955 cupro nickle sixpence, nice to see one again !
    George V shilling
    Horse bell
    Decorated ring, no idea of date
    Bronze acorn mount possible medieval
    19thC Harness mount
    21stC copy of a 1788 gaming piece ?? or was someone having a joke ?
    Foreign hammered silver coin fragment
    Georgian buckle
    1580 Elizabeth 1st hammerd silver sixpence
    Victorian decorated handle
    Lace bar
    All Saints North Peckam badge
    17thC trade farthing
    18thC shoe buckle
    Wasted bullet, first one I have seen here
    Large butterfly, probably Victorian
    Music stand sheet holder
    19thC livery button
    Tiny disc with markings, seal ?
    13thC hammerd silver shortcross penny
    Quartered full hammered silver goat, not in books (looks Irish perhaps)
    13thC hammerd silver shortcross penny
    Lots of different watch winders
    James 1st 1603 hammered silver halfpenny
    13thC hammerd silver shortcross penny
    Lots of sack seals 17th to 19thC
    17thC cloak hook
    Unusual Roman 1st to 4thC brooch
    Lots of nice early buckle finds
    1580 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat

    Billericay 'the hammered man' Mark



    Look at this little beauty 18thC fob seal intaglio


    Found by Californian Dan

    12th -13thC Pilgrims lead ampoule, what a find
    Great eyeball find, Civil war 1600's caronade stone cannon ball
    Looks early, no idea of use yet
    Victorian commemorative medal
    Georgian silver shield
    Henry III hammered silver penny
    Naval belt buckle
    Early scales ?
    Another early decorated piece
    Bowl foot
    George III hallmarked trade weight
    Elizabeth 1st silver hammered half groat (2 pence)
    19thCLivery button
    Decorated Medieval spindle work
    Early piece yet to be ID'd
    Part of a 17th C spur
    Very interesting early crotal bell filled with lead and used as a weight
    Caffing dish handle 16thC
    Tudor period snake buckle
    Flower decorated silver disc, large button size yet to be dated
    1724 George nice condition copper dump halfpenny
    Solid silver handle, no hallmarks- Georgian
    19thC Really nice small heraldic shield
    Medieval hook mount
    Looks like an ambulance type badge
    Large George VI and Elizabeth II commemorative medal
    18thC decorated clog fastener
    1568 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half graot
    4thC Roman bronze
    Interesting small hand made tool
    Roman bronze
    Roman bronze
    17thC hammered trade farthing
    Victoria 1885 One third farthing (never seen one before)
    17thC sword hanger
    17thC sword hanger
    William coronation medal 1831
    17thC hammered trade farthing
    17thC hammered trade farthing
    19thC livery button
    Pretty 18thC button
    Gilded Georgian buckle
    17thC hammered trade farthing
    Early lead cross


    Solid gold mount around a monk stone.

    Probably modern
    14thC seal
    Charles 1st 1625 hammered silver penny
    1603James 1st hammered silver shilling
    1700's toy cannon
    8th Saxon hanger with a face moulding
    8thC Saxon key (rare find)
    Probable 15thC lead token
    18thC shoe buckle
    1649 Commonwealth hammered silver half groat
    Richard II 1377 AD hammered silver halfpenny
    Victorian milled silver sixpence 1889
    Trade weight
    Early spur
    Nice engraved Georgian pewter button
    Chop stick rest, doubt that it is of the ming dynasty !!
    Heraldic pendant with traces of red,blue and green enamelling remaining, First Earl of Lancaster, Edmond " Crunchback" , son of King Henry III. Around the end of `1200's
    Silver locket front
    Bronze cross off a known Saxon field
    Hallmarked solid silver spoon, not dated yet
    Moth brooch with rear pin intact, no idea of date yet
    Modern age axe head
    1327 AD Edward III hammered silver Groat (4 pence)
    Edward 1st 1272Ad Silver hammered penny
    Apostle spoon handle
    18th C Button
    Early decorated bronze squashed ring, no idea of date yet
    Charles 1st early 17thC Rose farthing coin
    1934 Indian head USA 5 cents (what a find !!!)
    2 rough Medieval jettons
    Huge George 1st 1714 AD London hallmarked trade weight
    Unknown military button
    1844 Victorian shilling
    Celtic or Saxon period stater (needs museum to ID)
    Lots of unknown early bits bagged ready for the museum to ID
    17thC tudor button
    Solid silver 17thC spoon handle
    Naval Military badge
    18thC bayonet frog
    Victorian Gemstone in setting
    Naval button
    17thC token
    17thC 1 Ounce trade weight
    12thC seal matrix, lamb with legs tucked underneath
    Royal Air force tiny silver insignia
    19thC Livery button
    Sack seal
    2- George III 1800's silver milled shilling and a silver sixpence
    Lead skeleton statue no idea of date yet
    Elizabeth 1st 1579 Hammered silver sixpence
    17thC sword belt fitting
    12thC strap end
    Medieval spur rowel
    17thC decorated crotal bell
    Post medieval mount
    Very ornate and twisted, concensous is it of Roman period
    Military button
    Unusual button
    Coloured enamelled disk, could be Saxon







































































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