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  • Selection of Georgian Period artefacts (see individual sections on each type on the finds index)
    Enameled box

    1762 George III 1/4 gold guinea

    Love token
    Lion and Unicorn Georgian lock plate
    Great find - solid silver Mid 18thC button with markers mark BB
    18thC cup trade weight
    Early 18thC buckle
    George III London hallmark trade weight
    Pre 1815 Navy button
    18thC clog fastener
    18thC copper alloy spoon
    Georgian belt clasp
    Large 18thC working toy cannon
    18thC double D buckle
    Decorated 18thC spur
    Mid 1700's silver decorated cloak hook
    18thC spur end fragment
    Unusual type of Georgian watch winder
    Colonial war period 92nd Regiment of foot button
    Geo III ' up to 1st Jan 1772' 20 shilling and 6 pence coin weight pr 5.6 grains
    1760 AD - 18 shilling coin weight
    Decorated Georgian period watch winder
    18thC ornate 'nutcracker' fragment
    George 1st 1714 - 27 milled silver sixpence crude pendant
    Bronze face with the initials MW on the reverse - Seal matrix ? Probably 18thC - fantastic artefact
    Mid 1700's silver thimble with the initials AM - neat find
    George II copper hammered on it's edges to form a coin weight or love token ? Several have been found
    1797 George III Cartwheel two pence
    Georgian period trade weight Lincoln Hallmark
    Georgian lock plate

    Top 18thC large toy cannon found by Ohio Mike -

    Middle 17thC toy Petonel found by Ohio Tony

    Bottom 18thC small toy cannon found Ohio Eric

    Georgian flower decorated watch key
    Bell clapper(c)
    Signet ring
    Very nice relic, looks like a mug handle.
    Complete 18thC watch winder
    18thC clothing fastener
    Two Cherub lock plate Georgian
    Monogrammed button, 18thC Pasty Jigger
    Pasty Jigger
    Pasty Jigger
    Pasty Jigger
    18thC seal matrix with lion and crown (r)
    Great relic - 18thC Brown Bess musket plate with the initial 'E' and 70 inscribed on it
    Fantastic artefact, engraved solid silver miniture mug, writng looks German 18thC
    George III ornate watch winder
    Music stand sheet holder
    18thC silver clasp
    1740 AD Solid silver Tudor rose cuff links(c)
    18thC bayonet scabbard
    S.Vincenzo Di Paolo

    La Sza Vergine Dolorosa

    'Way of the Cross '

    Georgian fob seal
    Silver decanter decoration Post 1740
    Georgian watch winders
    Georgian fleur di Lis design ink well cover
    Georgian horse bell complete with clapper
    Georgian mount
    Georgian pipe tamper
    Georgian pipe tamper
    Georgian jews harp
    Georgian pipe tamper
    Georgian decorated whistle