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Monster find - C12thC Early medieval gold ring - reported as treasure to museum

Interesting hand punched lettering which has a barred A with additional top bar like on short cross coins of Class7 and an unbarred A also on the ring.

"DEBAL GUD GUDANI +" which is Gothic, meaning "God of Gods"


4.22g, 4.49mm H x 22.59mm W




1834 gold ring - London with duty paid bust Maker is probably James Young

1.43g, 19.55mm


22 carat 1852 Victorian bust mark London hallmarked gold ring



Pretty 18 carat gold ring - Continental hallmarks I have not seen before - no idea of date so reported to Colchester museum as potential treasure

.750 *18 AA CP






























Stunning c 13thC Medieval engraved gold ring found by Idaho Travis - reported as treasure to the museum


Medieval Heraldic ring - 2 chevrons






This was a green ring and now cleaned reveals the word 'TRUE' inscribed on it on the inside. A poor mans posy ring probably brass.
Elizabethan silver locket and Victorian silver ring found by Alaskan Geo




Romano/British Ancient gold ring - reported as treasure to the museum

1.53g, 26.17g







Medeival twisted wire gold ring - no hall marks

22.34mm, 2.73g














Medieval clasped hands bronze ring (y)
1920's ladies 18carat gold ring
16th C c/a child's' finger ring
Medieval bronze ring (y)


Bronze signet ring with shield design
Solid silver ring, looks fairly modern

Medieval ring'Avai Maria'

Late Medieval finger ring with lines and diamonds (b)
Post Medieval finger ring with decorations
  Medieval finger ring(y)
Post Medieval finger ring with decorations
Georgian bronze ring
Victorian bronze ring
Georgian bronze ring
Georgian bronze ring
Post Medieval finger ring with decorations(c)
Georgian bronze ring
Post Medieval finger ring with decorations(x)
Georgian base metal rings
found by Orlando Rolo(y)
found by Cal Shawn(sr)
Medieval bronze ring fragment
Decorated ring mid 17thC with fake hallmarks of 18 carat gold LOL
1901 Birmingham hallmarked silver ring
Georgian gold signet ring fragment
Post medieval ring
16th/17thC bronze ring
Late medieval seal ring - heraldic shield
Post medieval bronze ring


Huge decorated Copper alloy signet ring - patially cleaned reveils flag, cross and anchor


Victorian silver ring and 18thC silver lockett
Reported to museum as potential treasure - silver twisted wire ring 58g, 14mm dia - probably 19thC but worth checking as the Romans like their twisted wire jewelry
Tricky one, I think this ring is older than it construction appears - one for the museum

Medieval bronze posy ring 1.51g, 20.82mm dia x 2.62mm w

1895 Silver initialled ring - 'MIZPAH' - Birmingham hall mark date letter V 2.09g, 16.52mm dia
Post medieval decorated copper alloy finger ring 18.88mm dia










15thC bronze seal ring 4.22g- 25mm dia







Medieval Large bronze thumb ring 9.94g, 28.27mm dia
Medieval bronze child's ring
18thC 67th Regiment of foot ring ? gold on silver

4thC Roman 3.92g, 25.25mm outer dia 3.12mm thick

Medieval seal ring, 24.84mm dia
17thC decorated finger ring
17thC base metal ring
Gold Ring fragment with emeralds - reported as possible treasure - no hallmarks
Georgian glass and copper alloy ring
16thC copper alloy finger ring
17thC decorated finger ring - fish symbol ?

Victorian Black enamel and glass stone ring
20thC Silver ring - 'Silver made in England
17thC copper alloy deorated ring



Reported to Colchester museum as potential treasure

19thC silver signet ring - Birmingham hall mark - worn date letter


Maker NBs

Georgian copper ring
Victorian silver ring - part makers mark showing
Gold plated ring




Twisted silver wire ring - reported as potential treasure to museum as Romans loved these type of rings





15th/16thC gold ring -reported to museum as treasure - no hallmarks

18.71mm, 1.05g

1894 Birmingham silver ring - anchor mark , pure silver , maker H.B

Herbert Bushell 1897..1908 Northampton Street, Birmingham


Brooches and Pendants

Medieval gold figurine

PAS no: ESS-49E265


Treasure Report:   2008 T581                                                                            
Parish/County:          Tendring District, Essex

A medieval figure of John the Baptist. The saint is shown not in his usual attribute of a camel skin, but in the robes of a prophet. He gestures with his right hand to a salver, which he holds in his left. This was originally designed to carry a lamb, signifying the Lamb of God. A scroll issues from the Saint’s left hand and is inscribed with the words
(Behold, the Lamb of God)

The figure stands on a small plinth with a finished base. It is designed to be seen in the round and on its back there is a loop for attachment to an object. It would probably have been entirely enamelled, but no traces of enamel survive on the figure.

The figure is gold and dates from the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century.

Dimensions: height 33 mm, width 11 mm, depth 10 mm.


Consequently, in terms of age and as the object contains a minimum of 10% precious metal it qualifies as Treasure under the stipulations of the Treasure Act 1996.

J P Robinson
Curator of Medieval Collections
30th March 2009




Stunning pure gold pendant - twister wire is Roman style and the knops are Tudor but the missing stone fittings a look Georgian.

At guess I would say 16th/17thC - reported to Colchester museum as treasure and their experts will ID

1.45g, 14.72mm



1stC Colchester type two piece
14thC John the Baptist medallion
Stunning silver inlaid medieval annular brooch 24.86mm, 2.77g
Romano/British enamelled disc brooch
Medieval gold decorated annular brooch - blue enamelling remains


3 beauty Roman fibular brooches

1stC Colchester type two piece - 1stC Rosette brooch

5th-6th century AD Saxon gilded saucer brooch - running spiral design East Anglian type
Red enamelled 3rd C Roman crossbow brooch 24.46g, 39.74mm
Medieval silver annular brooch - reported as treasure to museum  
Roman 2nd c. brooch derivative 'T' shaped tapering found by Boston Bud
Medieval 'fish' brooch found by Texas Mike
17thC intaglio seal matrix/brooch found by Californian Dan

What a find - etched onto an amber coloured stone and set in silver

. Two faces on the same intaglio

This is extremely difficult to date as it looks like a 16thC silver mount with a Roman period intaglio. The skill required to make this must have be unbelievable. Reported to museum as possible treasure.

found by Boston Bud

Gold, silver and glass brooch, 14.26mm, 0.64g Saxon ?? currently with Colchester museum being evaluated
2ndC Roman bronze trumpet brooch
Roman 1st C Dolphin brooch - variant Hattatt
Victorian Butterfly brooch
Victorian Butterfly brooch
Unusual Roman 1st to 4thC brooch

Solid gold mount around a monk stone.

Probably modern
Silver locket front
1stC AD Roman fibula brooch
1st to 4thC Roman twisted brooch
AD 50 Colchester type T shape dolphin brooch (c)
Cut glass Victorian brooch(r)
Locket, some gilding remains
1stC decorated Roman brooch, bow and foot only(b)
18thC gilded intaglio pendant(x)
20thC silver cross with glass stone

Very interesting dark stone (amber) set in a bronze mount

Moth brooch with rear pin intact, no idea of date yet
Early Medieval looking hammered pendant (c)
Superb medallion probably William and Mary 1689


Roman looking charm probably Georgian

Charles II Gold Touch-Piece. Touched by Charles II himself at a Touching Ceremony. Presented to a loyal subject by Charles II 1660- 1685.

Worn around the neck for healing purposes found by Ohio Bud

CARMD.G.M.ER EF.HI.REX on the ship side


George and the dragon

Solid silver name brooch, hall marked 1905 'Ellen'
Interesting 18thC pendant
19thC Brooch with ruby and diamond looking stones
Brooch with blue stones, no idea of date
Small brooch probably 19thC
Victorian 'Eva silver' name tag - Full set of hallmarks, Bristol 97% silver, date letter U
1804 Silver Vatica Costl pendant(y)
Very interesting rope design decorated pendant
Solid silver butterfly
Interesting silver mount - no hallmarks but the back appears to be early. Reported to museum as potential treasure. ID'd as 18thC
1st C Roman bronze fibula brooch
S.Vincenzo Di Paolo

La Sza Vergine Dolorosa

'Way of the Cross '

1st C Roman fibula brooch - Colchester type
19thC silver locket
Victorian silver brooch with horse shoe and flower pattern
Very unusual type 2ndC Roman head stud type bronze brooch 6.83g - 38.02mmL
1stC AD Colchester type Roman fibula brooch fragment

Very unusual Aucissa derivative 1stC AD Bronze Roman fibula brooch with extra large shoulders

34.12mmW 24.41mm L, 5.47g

Part of the mechanism still in shoulder - great find

Gold brooch with green glass stone, no hall marks - Reported to museum as potential treasure

2.62g, 28.85mm L

2nd C Roman blue and yellow enameled Plate brooch - 7.56g,28.1mm L x 15.46mm W
1st to 2nd C Roman blue enameled Trumpet brooch 9.84g, 16.63mm W x 21.68mm L
Chester mint 1835 silver brooch - Maker CH
Georgian period Intaglio
Not old but neat Intaglio brooch
1stC AD Roman bronze Colchester type fibular brooch fragment

1st C - Very unusual Roman brooch 18.11mm W, 24.31mm L

'The Langton Down style was developed in Gaul in the late 1st C BC but saw use in Britain from the time of the Claudian invasion until about 75 AD. The spring on these brooches is enclosed within a distinctive tubing of fairly thin construction.The bow is flat and very thin decorated with grooves and ribs (reeding)'

Georgian brooch
Victorian pheasent brooch
Twisted wire brooch - needs research to date
Medieval annular brooch
Heart attack find from a Roman site, handmade bracelet with stone but there is 925 Sterling silver mark on it LOL still a great find though !
Whiskey decanter badge - Birmingham hallmark solid silver 1927, Maker H&H
Victorian silver brooch
1888 Birmingham hallmarked sold silver, maker BM, name tag Violet, neat artefact
Neat find, Chester hallmark 1890 silver brooch - 2.12g
I thought this was turn of the century in date but looking at it closely I am not so sure- one for the museum to look at

1st C Roman fibular brooch 13.14g, 50.51mm

Stunning 1st C decorated fibular brooch


Interesting silver brooch with coloured stones - Victorian ?
Victorian gold pendant

19thC gold locket with red stone

1897 Birmingham - Silver initialed brooch - 'MIZPAH'

Marker Sydenham Bros
Tenby Street

Mizpah (emotional bond), an emotional bond between people who are separated


Gilded Georgian brooch - red stone set in silver
Stunning 12thC medieval silver annullar brooch - reported to museum as treasure

Medieval silver cross - similar construction to 13thC Knights templer badges 1.06g, 22.82mm

  Georgian gold brooch fragment

Stunning 17th/18thC enamelled solid gold button - reported as potential treasure to museum


Cuff links & others
Victorian silvered cufflink ?
1740 AD Solid silver Tudor rose cuff links(c)
18thC Cufflink
 Enamelled on silver, possible cuff link not certian of date
18thC Silver mount with crude 'Scrimshaw' type decoration
Stone set in silver mount
Silver charm bracelet pig
Modern jewellery item(y)
Small early jewellery item with gem stones
Small clear stone set in silver without hallmarks - possibly post 1730 found by Texas Dave
18thC solid silver clasp
Serpent brooch, very interesting
Decorated piece with some silver inlay remaining - not sure of date but feels Elizabethan 1500's ?(c)
Folded hair slide with all the stones missing, no idea of date
1808 AD Bristol Silver ring with a full set of hallmarks(y)
Silver bird probably form a charm bracelet - late Victorian
Small silver engraved piece with cupid and hearts - post 1704(y)
Victorian brooch
Small arrow with heart pin - 20thC
1892 Birmingham hallmark 97 % silver Vesta (match) case


Interesting small silver piece
Small gild bird - no idea of date yet
Silver cuff link
Small silver pipe no hallmarks- cannot be a whistle as the silver is rolled and not making an airtight join ??
Birmingham Hallmarked silver watch fob hanger
18thC fragment of a silver bracelet
Birmingham hallmark solid silver Oval early 1800's, too large for a cuff link
Silver handle 2.07g, 34.38mm L- reported to museum as potential treasure - Id'd as 18thC not treasure
18th/19th C silver cuff links
18th/19th C silver cuff links
Georgian monogrammed silver plated cufflink
Excellent 1700's ship engraved cufflink
17thC Charles 1st silver cufflinks
18th/19thC gold cufflinks
18th/19th C silver cuff links


Georgian period cuff links
18th/19th C silver cuff links
Solid gold Georgian cufflink
Solid gold Georgian cufflink
17thC silver decorated clasp with markers mark AF - reported to museum as potential treasure
16thc Tudor peirod glass necklace bead
20thC Watneys' Red Barrel beer cufflink
19thC silver cufflink
19thC silver clasp
Victorian silver pendant Birmingham 1898 hallmark
Georgian giled cuff link
Victorian jewellry item with glass stone
18thC silver cufflinks
Not sure of the date of this silver brooch with gold eyes but it's construction could be 16thC Tudor - reported to museum as potential treasure

Miss Jeff left it in the clod so I could soak it slowly to keep the pin intact - never found one with the pin still in place

Stunning 16thC Tudor gilded silver ornate pin - reported as treasure to the museum

Stunning gold 16thC Tudor pin head - reported to museum as treasure