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Romano/British Artefacts

In 55 B.C. the Roman general Julius Caesar conquered France (At the time the country was called Gaul, and the Romans called it Gallia). The Gauls fought hard against the Romans and had been helped by their friends in Britain. Caesar was upset by their assistance and decided to teach the Britons a lesson.

Julius Caesar made two attempts to invade Britain, first in 55 B.C. and then again in 54 B.C. Both times the British warriors and the rotten British weather made his army give up and return to Gallia.

Nearly a hundred years later in 43 A.D. the Emperor Claudius sent another army to invade Britain. This time the Romans were successful, Roman Britain had begun!

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Roman Terret/harness fittings

Roman enamelled chariot terret ring

This is enormous with gold, red enamelled

65mm high


Protected loop terrets

Iron Age Terret Ring 1st Century BC – 1st Century AD

An elaborate example, in fine condition and a large item to have survived with no damage in the plough soil.

The terret is a metal loop found on a horse harness, guiding the reins and preventing them from becoming tangled on the harness.
The reins run through the terrets, then attach to the horse’s bit for guiding the horse.