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  • Watch, Winders & Clock Keys

    The watch key served the mechanical purpose of winding the watch but were also suspended from the watch chain and treated decoratively

    Pocket watches did not always wind and set at the pendant (winding crown or stem). A lot of people are surprised to learn that a key was used at one time. There were many types of keys from fancy ones to advertising ones and the wealthy sported gold ones. There were also ratchet type keys to make winding easier. Key sizes varied since they had to fit the different size arbors on the watch. They were usually around a inch and a half in length and were attached to the pocket watch chain or chatelaine.

    The very first pocket watches, since their creation in the 16th century, up until the third quarter of the 19th century, had key-wind and key-set movements. A watch key was necessary to wind the watch and to set the time. This was usually done by opening the case back and putting the key over the winding-arbor (which was set over the watch’s winding-wheel, to wind the mainspring) or by putting the key onto the setting-arbor, which was connected with the minute-wheel and turned the hands. Some watches of this period had the setting-arbor at the front of the watch, so that removing the crystal and bezel was necessary to set the time.


    Rachel lost the solid gold watch on her land 50 years ago and it was a present from her Auntie. Nj Joe while searching her sheep pasture found it and then presented it back to her.


    1900's Antique pocket watch - Remontoir Perfectionne pocket watch

    Swiss made

    Victorian monogrammed silver watch

    1950's wrist watch

    Interesting inscribed fob watch


    ' Rwmontoir Cylindre Brubis'

    Remontoir refers to the way it's wound, with a winding staff as opposed to a key. it's not the company name.

    WWII Army watch

    Huge silver 'Hunter' sized pocket fob watch dated 1879

    London mint - maker JJ

    Victorian silver pocket watch

    20thC Continental silver watch back - 92.5% silver

    1930's 9 carat gold Rotary watch


    1919 Silver Fob watch back - Birmingham hall mark, date letter U

    Dennison, Wigley & Co (from 1879) makers mark ALD - Hansworth Birmingham

    Sovereign case, tea service, watch case


    Victorian gold watch winder on chain




    Silver fob watch chain bar

    Really neat gold Georgian/Victorian watch winder - snake biting its own tail

    Georgian gold watch winder with stone inlay


    Georgian gilded silver watch winder



    Classic pistol type










    1888 advertising watch winder - H.E Peck 8 New Bridge St - Watchmakers, jewelers, optician

    J.Caster of Harwich advertising watch winder