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  • 16th/17thC buckles up to present day - page 2


    Georgian gold shoe buckle



    Cast copper alloy trapezoidal shoe or knee buckle with concave sides




    Cast copper alloy double-looped sub-annular shoe or knee buckle with bevelled internal edge

    Circa 1650-1720





    Post medieval cast copper alloy buckle frame

    Circa AD 1600 - 1699


    Post medieval cast copper alloy two piece buckle



    Post-medieval copper alloy double-looped buckle frame, both loops trapezoidal. The very distinctive form is as Whitehead 2003 no. 527

    c.1620 - c.1680

    Cast copper alloy buckle frame 1500 -1700


    Post-medieval copper-alloy buckle frame

    C AD 1650-1720

    18thC buckles

    1720-1790 Boot or Garter buckles

    1660-1720 shoe or knee buckle

    1720 -1790 hat buckle

    Huge Georgian buckle

    Georgian spur buckle

    1803 Silver buckle - London hallmark Georgian silver buckle
    Silver ornate Georgian buckle Solid silver Georgian buckle - Inscribed I.B - Maker OH




    Georgian shoe buckles Pressed gold Victorian buckle 1751-55 Silver buckle - Possibly William Justis the maker
    Georgian silver buckle USA Army gas mask case buckle Victorian lion headed belt buckle
    Georgian silver buckle - Continental mark Georgian buckle
    1500-1700 buckle Unknown buckle tongue Georgian silver buckle Georgian silver buckle
    Un - classified buckles

    Unknown buckles - based on a medieval copper alloy asymmetrical buckle 1350 -1450 AD

    ID: HAMP-C1CA65

    Biggest half of a buckle I have ever seen

    Post Medieval cast copper alloy single loop buckle frame.

    1500-1650 AD