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    Mounts fretwork type



    Early Post-Medieval copper alloy openwork lozengiform mount



    Medieval mounts

    Huge post medieval mount

    1500-1700 mount

    An incomplete Post-Medieval copper alloy strap mount. The mount has an openwork oviod body, with a small knop extending from the rounded end and a larger trefoil knop, with a pointed central lobe extending from the other. The reverse is flat, with two integral pointed lugs attached. The mount is very similar in shape to two listed by Read (2001, p.28, no.300&302), which he dates to the 17th century, suggesting a similar date for this example. It is in poor condition with a very worn and corroded outer surface.

    Length: 25.31mm, Width: 9.39mm, Weight: 1.2g

    Subsequent actions

    Subsequent action after recording: Returned to finder


    Broad period: POST MEDIEVAL
    Date from: Circa AD 1600
    Date to: Circa AD 1700

    Materials and construction

    Primary material: Copper alloy

    Manufacture method: Cast

    Decoration method: Openwork

    Completeness: Incomplete

    An incomplete Post Medieval (1600-1800) copper alloy gilt openwork mount missing one of its integral attachment spikes.


    Broad period: POST MEDIEVAL
    Period from: POST MEDIEVAL Date from: AD 1600
    Date to: AD 1800


    Materials and construction

    Primary material: Copper alloy

    Completeness: Incomplete Surface Treatment: Gilded






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