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Celtic woad grinders

Two piece set made up from the grooved base and the small grinding tool

1stC BC to 1stC AD Celtic Woad cosmetic grinder - boat shaped

The grinder was used to pulverise vegetable material such as woad in the preparation of dyes.

These are also known as perfume or cosmetic grinders. During the Celtic period in Britain a biennial herb called Isatis Tinctoria; was cultivated for the blue dye that could be obtained from it when crushed. This plant is also known as woad. The dye would then be applied to the skin



Superb find - 1st C Celtic wode grinder - 'bull head' type with broken suspension loop

51.56mm L x 10.13mm W , 12.27g

3.78g, 33.57mm L x 10.67mm w


11.09g, 41.56mm L

14.5g - 45.12mm L x 9.88mm T


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